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Walkers With Seats

Walkers with Seats are a very popular style of the medical walker.

Here you will find top suppliers offering walkers with seats and information on how to select the right one.

With aging a host of diseases take hold of senior’s bodies and some of these diseases affect mobility and causes them to get tired easily which is why walkers with seats are beneficial to them.

Medicines help to alleviate pain however walkers with seats have given the elderly who are afflicted with chronic arthritis and osteoporosis something to hold on to as they try to stand and walk.

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Walkers for seniors are made of lightweight metal or aluminum frame that is used by seniors as a mobility support as they try to walk around. These frames feature 4 legs, 2 on each side which are connected by a cross bars; the whole this is operated by holding on the handles and the whole package gives the users their much needed freedom to be able use their legs rather than be bound to a wheelchair.

To be able to use this support for mobility, the senior has to grip the handles then lifts the walker a few inches in front. He or she then takes a step forward while holding on to the walker for support and does the same thing over and over for as long as he or she hasn’t reached their destination just yet.

The problem is that for many seniors, the pain that accompanies certain diseases also causes them to tire easily. To address this issue, manufacturers of walkers sought to create a mobility tool that features a foldable seat so that when users get tired and they cannot find a seat where they can rest, all they have to do is unfold the walker’s chair seat, secure the locks then take a rest.

There are many different types of medical walkers that have seats as one of its features: free standing walkers, folding walkers, walkers with wheels and hemi walkers. Free standing walkers are those in which only the seat is foldable, folding walkers are those that have a release button so that you can fold them for easy storage, and hemi walkers are those which are designed for users who have limited dexterity in one arm or hand or those who can only maneuver walkers using one arm or hand.

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When you are in the market for walkers with seats, getting the best fit is important so that you will be able to prevent the outset of posture problems.

Tips for Selecting Walkers with Seats

Here are a few tips that would be users should be aware of to ensure that the walker is the right fit:

1. While the user is standing with his or her arms at their sides, a walker should be placed in front of the person and the one assisting should see to it that the grips are level with the user’s wrists. It would be good if the walker that the user prefers is height adjustable.

2. Not only is the height of the walkers with seats important but the width as well, therefore see to it that the would-be user can still move himself as he pushes himself forward.

4.  Make certain the walker can support the user’s weight, otherwise there is a risk that the aluminum frame will bend or as a worse case, break ending at the user hurting himself.

5. The secondary handles should also work well to support the user from a seated position to a standing position.

6. Lastly the seats should be sturdy and can support the weight of the user and that they fold away easily. For maximum comfort, that have well padded seats are the best.

For the sake of safety, the screws of walkers with seats should be periodically checked and tightened as there is a tendency that they loosen due to constant use. Also an inexpensive way to make them glide easily on the floor as well as protect the flooring, is to cut an X on two tennis balls and inserting these into the two back legs.

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Two very popular types of walkers are the Medline Walkers and Hugo Walkers.  Each of these types of walkers are quality built and have features that make them stand out as unique.

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